Frequently Asked Questions

Up The Creek is going cashless! For the 2018 festival you need to create an account on once you’ve purchased your festival ticket. Topup with any amount online before the event, or at a station within the event. Tap your wristband to pay at any bar, merchandise, or food trader to instantly complete your transaction.
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230 km (A beautiful 2.5 hour drive).
Check out the Contact page for the map directing you to Up The Creek from Cape Town.
No, unfortunately no matter how many emails you send we just can’t help you here. Our event is run along the required health & safety laws SA has put in place and we are only ready for the public to enter on Thursday at 11:00am. Please wait patiently and give us the time we need to make sure our venue is prepped and ready to host you all!
Yes, there will be a designated area for TENTS ONLY on the green grass and a designated area for those that wish to camp next to their vehicle but be warned, it’s not green grass. Only for the rough and ready.
Yes! Up The Creek is renowned for its fabulously clean hot showers and flushing toilets. Of course we bring in extra portable toilets and build a rustic outdoor shower block, but if you’re dead set against festivals because of the usual ablutions provided (or not provided)- then Up The Creek is for you! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be able to stay clean all weekend!
Unfortunately no open fires are allowed in the festival. This is for everyone’s safety.
Our Fire Marshall runs a tight ship and is there to keep everyone safe- fines will be imposed on those Creekers who don’t follow this rule.
Yes you can, but there are two rules here:

  1. Please, weather conditions permitting- you might have to use them in a designated controlled area. The Fire Marshall will make the final decision and you will be informed on arrival at the gate about whether gas cookers are allowed in the campsite.
  2. You need to bring a 5L water container/ fire extinguisher with you – the Fire Marshall will be roaming the campsite and will check all skottle owners have the right safety precautions in place.

If the wind is strong and we’ve had dry conditions in the run up to the event we might be forced to have a gas cooker area demarcated for the duration of the festival- this space will be monitored and fire extinguishers provided.

No open fires please, the farm we rent is very dry in the peak of summer, and open fires are a very dangerous hazard with so many people and tents.

Alcohol is allowed into the camping area only. No glass bottles will be allowed at all so please make sure to decant your booze into plastic bottles, or just bring your beer in cans.
We supply a tank with fresh municipal water for free. Alternatively, bottled water can be purchased from the bar.
Unfortunately not, no cash will be accepted during the weekend. Ticket holders need to create a Howler account and load up prior to arriving at the event, if you need top ups during the weekend, not to worry, the top up station will accept all cheque and credit cards.
That’s cool – Any national (South African or other country) document with your name or your face is fine, as long as it matches the ID number on your barcoded ticket.
First and foremost an open mind, a good attitude and of course your ticket.
And don’t forget your mates.

And then:

  • Your I.D Book.
  • A Tent, mattresses, sleeping bag/duvet, pillows, camping chairs, torch.
  • The ESSENTIALS: Sun Block, insect repellent, cap/hat, towels, something warm, swimming gear, headache pills, sunglasses!
  • The IF YOU NEEDS: Toilet Paper, condoms, more condoms.
  • The FUN STUFF: Camera, Oh and of course, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that floats – Lilo, Paddles, Boats – We’d like to see some creativity here.
Firearms, pets, and people who don’t like awesome music, please just leave them at home in front of the television.