About Up The Creek

Since the summer of 1990 Up The Creek Festival has been hosted at Up The Creek river camp, set between a dirt road and the welcoming waters of the Breede River.

With the Jägermeister Main Stage, and both the Savanna River Stage and Savanna Late-Night Stage – none hosting acts at the same time- you are guaranteed to be entertained throughout. And although Rock ‘n Roll is our original stamp of choice, we have different types of music mixed into the line-up; plenty pop, some indie folk, a couple DJ acts and the odd violin solo on top a kombi!

We also have Jeffrey the Jam Van on stand by to entertain you before the Main Stage kicks off and the Sedgwick’s Old Brown Foodcourt stage is going every morning and afternoon with an array of new up and coming artists keeping you entertained while you fill your tummies.


This thing isn’t just called Up The Creek because you’re laming in the Breede River. There have been incidents of Ballerina flash mobs, celebrity weddings, gentlemen parading around with flaming newspapers in their rears, lobster lilos and countless other insane shenanigans.

While the festival is one of few remaining that still allow you to camp next to your car (should you choose), there is also a greener campsite where no cars are allowed and a tented hotel (Heartbreak Motel) if you don’t fancy pitching a tent yourself.

There will be plenty to eat, from snacks and local farm fare to all sorts of vegan and vegetarian delights, as well as gourmet coffees, crepes and cool-drinks. So don’t worry to bring along the kitchen sink- our food court will surely have something that tickles your taste buds.

Think about it, where else can you float in a warm river, head-bang to sick soulful, rocking tunes and sip on one of our classic cocktails; the Titanic, Life Raft or Rubber Duck.

So remember, it doesn’t matter if you have big biceps or skinny jeans, or an ironic moustache, or a non-ironic one. At Up The Creek you can be yourself, and still make friends.

And for heaven sakes bring some cool floating stuff to put in the river. Think lilos, inflatable tubes and just about anything that floats.

See you there!

In the meantime, find us on our Facebook page – we make all announcements there first- facebook.com/UpTheCreek.MusicFestival , check us out on Twitter @Upthe_Creek and follow us on Instagram @upthecreek_festival.

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Okay, now for the responsible stuff. Yes, it’s going to be crazy. But not that kind of crazy.

There will be security guys, lifeguards and repairman on call to keep the vibe running smoothly.
Plus there will be hot showers and flushing toilets.
Visit our FAQ page if you have any questions we haven’t answered here OR just drop us an email.
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